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....I so don't have a pile of work right now. :D

Seriously, his blog entries have been too adorable these days. I want to snuggle the heck out of him. *ahem*.

These entries were translated in a rush in the middle of the night (almost 12am here lol) and there will might be mistranslations and grammar mistakes. Lots of them. Please do point them out if you find some. Thank you.

Without further ado,

2011-06-20 21:58:25


I'm feeling the summer, against my will.



2011-06-22 14:12:37

Suda Suda

Hello, I'm Suda.

I took a photo like this

Makes me excited to be twins

A little piece of art, mirrors sure are interesting

When we think of it, if there are no mirrors, we won't be able to know how we look like

Did people from the past just made up their own faces for the rest of their lives?

A, but they still can see from water.

A~uhm, it's nothing

Just talking to myself, just talking to myself.



2011-06-22 21:58:15

Good eveーning

Let's see through the differences between a group of apemen and anthropoids*. Hello, I'm Suda.

Lately I wrote a fantasy a i u e o** in my dream.

So, let's try itー, the theme is 「Suda Masaki」.

Okay, I'll start first. It'll be boring. It'll have no special meaning whatsoever.

Please feel free to make me come into my senses.

Then, staーrt.

Su→→Suimasen! Suimasen!
(Excuse me, excuse me!)

Da→→Dareka imasenka! to kurayami no naka sakebi tsuzukeru otoko. Kari ni V-kun toshiteokou.
(Is anyone here! ...that's what the man kept shouting in the dark. Let's assume his name is V-kun.)

Ma→→Mada kare wa nanimo shiranai. Iya, kono baai nanimo shirasaretenai hou ga kare, V-kun wa shiawase no ka. Jitsu ni hiniku na mono da. Shiranai hou ga ii koto wa takusan aru. Shiranai hou ga yo no tame hito no tame. Osokare hayakare shiru koto ni naru darou. Sono toki sono genjitsu o uketore seiki o tamote no darou ka.
(That man still knows nothing. No, in this case, it's better for him, V-kun, to not know anything. It's a very ironic thing. There's so much stuff that's better left unknown. The unknowing is for this world's sake, for humans' sake. Sooner or later they will be known. When that time comes, the truths are better be accepted and kept.)

Sa→→Saa kore kara donna bouken ga V-kun o machi uketeiru no darou ka. Ame ni makezu kaze ni mo makezu. Ganbare V-kun makeru na V-kun!!
(Well, what kind of adventure awaits for V-kun? He's losing to the rain, and he's losing to the wind. Do your best, V-kun! Don't lose, V-kun!!)

Ki→→Kinou souieba Shibuya de V-kun no yarou tanoshisou ni seifuku deeto shiteta yo. Konaida kokuhaku saretente. .....e.
(Come to think of it, yesterday that V-kun was having a uniform-date with a cheerful face. He just received a confession. .....e.)

Speaking of it, my brother gave me lips.
The lips of the lovely tissue cover.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you, lips.


* He's playing with kanji, swapping between "猿人類" (a group of apemen) and "類人猿" (anthropoids)
** I don't actually know what this is, but from the entry I figured it's something like "make a sentence/paragraph starting from assigned letters"? (Do correct me if I'm wrong) EDIT: It's a game where a person should make a sentence or some short ones from syllables of a word. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] triela_gg
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