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Suda Masaki will appear in drama "Don Quixote" starting this week on Saturdays 9 PM (JST) at NTV.

Drama summary:
In this unusual story, Matsuda plays a child welfare official working at a child consultation center, while Takahashi Katsumi (50) plays a charitable yakuza boss. These two lead completely different lives, but one day, their souls are suddenly switched. As a result, Matsuda begins dispensing odd advice about the "rules of society" and other things. While his colleagues naturally see this as a problem, the children gradually come to rely on him. (Tokyograph)

Matsuda Shota as Shirota Masataka
Takahashi Katsumi as Sabashima Hitoshi

Kobayashi Satomi as Mizumori Mineko
Miyake Hiroki as Nishiwaki Sosuke
Ichikawa Miwako as Nanba Aki
Konno Mahiru as Kodama Kyoko
Tamura Ai as Noguchi Kaede
Watanabe Kenkichi as Omori Shinji

Uchida Yuki as Sabashima Ayumi
Matsushige Yutaka as Hyodo Daisuke
Yamane Kazuma as Yasu
Aoki Ken as Ken

Narumi Riko as Matsuura Sachiko
Reireisha Bafu as Iwashibara Shuzo
Ogi Shigemitsu as Ajisawa Takumi
Matsunaga Hiroshi as Akiyama
Kawakita Mayuko as Eri
Ueda Mao as Hikari

(I assumed he will be starring every week because in his blog, he doesn't list which episode he'll be in. Also it says "every Saturday" though I'm not sure if it means that he'll appear "every Saturday" or it's the drama itself that airs "every Saturday". Will update as soon as there's more news.) EDIT: It's confirmed that he will have a recurring role in the drama. :D


Suda will also appear in this month's "Terry Ito no Sekai no Tabisetsu" (Terry Ito's World Adventure), every Friday at 10:30 PM (JST) at Tokyo MX TV.

(From the trailer from the website, I think he went to Europe for this week's episode :D)

Sources: blog, DramaWiki

Personal thoughts: He'll finally appear in a drama again♪ EXCITEMENT.
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