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As you know, the MU links were dead and I'm dying to watch this drama. I hope someone could help me out. I will upload the Ameba show of Suda, Tori and Aiba as well as that Himitsu no Arashi show (if anyone wants it) to show my biggest appreciation. 
Thank you for reading :)
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stealing crappy wifi for 5 minutes to post this news

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Tokyograph: Actress Minamisawa Nao (21) will star in a 1-minute television drama series called "Hatsukoi no Aji," along with actor Suda Masaki (18). The drama is a collaboration between TBS and beef bowl restaurant chain Sukiya, and it is reported that the main production staff will be the same team behind the hit series “Hana Yori Dango.”

Minamisawa plays a high school student named Shu who has a tendency for letting her imagination run wild. She constantly daydreams about her and her first love Riku (played by Suda), including a scene with her in a wedding dress.

Producer Setoguchi Katsuaki says that the staff have condensed their skills and know-how in order to pack each story into 60 seconds. There will be 3 episodes in all, so the story of Shu and Riku will have to fit within a total of 3 minutes.

TBS will broadcast the first 1-minute episode on September 14, late at night at 12:34am. The next two episodes will air on September 15 and 16, at 11:49pm. After the episodes have aired, Sukiya plans to make them available on their website.

Sources: Oricon, Sports Hochi



By the way, happy birthday to this comm! The creating date of this community happens to coincide with the anniversary of my country, lol. Thanks for 152 members and 133 watchers♥
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